The  Most Horrendous Valentine’s Day Candies That Should Never Exist

Toothpaste Flavored Chocolates: Nobody wants a mouthful of minty freshness in their chocolate.

Brussels Sprout Gummies: Vegetables and candy should never mix—ever.

Garlic Truffles: Love might be blind, but it shouldn't be garlic-scented.

Sardine Filled Hearts: Fish belong on plates, not in candy hearts.

Wasabi-Infused Lollipops: Spice up your love life, but not with wasabi candy.

Vinegar Dipped Gummy Bears: Sour candies are one thing, but vinegar takes it too far.

Cough Syrup Taffy: Valentine's kisses should be sweet, not medicinal.

Durian Delights: This tropical fruit may be loved by some, but it has no place in Valentine's candy.

Cotton Candy Brussels Sprout Truffles: A fusion gone wrong—keep these far from your sweetheart's lips.