Bacon Cheddar Potato Soup Recipe

This one-pot creamy cheddar bacon potato soup with crispy bacon, cheddar cheese, and potatoes makes a tasty dinner for everyone.  

– 5 cups Yukon potatoes  – 6-8 thick bacon slice – 1 cup milk – ¾ cup brown onion – 2 ½ cup chicken broth – ¾ cup cream cheese – ½ cup cheddar cheese – salt to taste – black pepper to taste



To prepare the dish, place the potatoes, onion, and chicken stock in a large slow cooker. Combine the two of them. 

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When the potatoes are very soft, cover the cooker and cook on LOW for 6–8 hours or on HIGH for 3–4 hours. 

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Crumble the bacon after cooking it in a skillet or the oven. Remove from bacon grease. Cornflour and water should be combined in a different bowl.

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Add the cream cheese, bacon, milk, cornflour slurry, shredded cheddar cheese, salt, and black pepper during the last 30 minutes of cooking. 

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Cover and cook for 30 minutes after stirring everything. Remove the lid and mash half the potatoes with a potato masher or hand blender.

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